A Better Man- Presented by The Coalition to End Violence Against Women

On a hot summer night 22 years ago, 18-year-old Attiya Khan ran through the streets, frightened for her life. She was fleeing her ex-boyfriend Steve, who’d been abusing her on a daily basis.

Now, all these years later, Attiya has asked Steve to meet. She wants to know how he remembers their relationship and if he is willing to take responsibility for his violent actions.

This emotionally raw first meeting, filmed by Attiya with Steve’s consent, is the starting point for A Better Man . The rough footage also marks a new beginning in Attiya’s own recovery process—as well as an important starting point for Steve. For the first time ever, he speaks of the abuse and cracks opens the door to dealing with the past.

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The Coalition To End Violence Against Women is hosting a free screening on Monday, March 19th at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Film House. An hour long panel discussion will follow.  Check out the trailer below.

February 23, 2018

A Journey to Healing and Empowerment- Student Art Exhibit

Journey to Healing Exhibit Poster


“A Journey to Healing and Empowerment” Student Art Exhibit at
Doubletree Fallsview Resort, Niagara Falls opens on March 5

Students from across the region will be displaying their art work in an effort to raise community awareness of dating violence. The exhibit titled “A Journey to Healing and Empowerment” will be on display for the public to view at the Doubletree Resort, Niagara Falls from March 5 – 7, 2018, with an opening reception on March 5th at 4:00pm.

This is the third Student Art Exhibition and is in collaboration with the Coalition to End Violence Against Women (CEVAW), Rodman Hall, Artist Cris Rotella, Grade 11 and 12 art classes from Sir Winston Churchill, St. Catharines Collegiate, Blessed Trinity and Lakeshore Catholic Secondary School. Students in these classes received training from domestic violence counsellors on the issues of dating violence, and then were asked to create visual representations to indicate their feelings about violence in relationships. The students participating in this project have become ambassadors, using their art to bring awareness of this issue to their peers and the community. This project has been a positive experience for students.

The exhibit will be on display from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Monday March 5 through Wednesday, March 7. The Closing Reception will take place at 4:00 p.m. on March 7, which is the day before International Women’s Day. For more information about the exhibit or about CEVAW visit CEVAW is a collective voice of organizations from the Niagara Region that is working toward ending violence against women by raising public awareness, educating, sharing information, networking, identifying and breaking down systemic barriers that perpetuate violence.

Doubletree Fallsview Resort is located at 6039 Fallsview Blvd. L2G 3V6 with free parking.


Doubletree Hilton

For more information, please contact:

Sandy Toth
Executive Director
Design for a New Tomorrow
Tel: (905) 684-1223 ext. 23


February 13, 2018

101 Men Event


101 men logo (2)The 101 Men Event is a transformational training program happening on November 18, 2016 that targets 100 Male community leaders in an innovative event to help end gender violence (sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship abuse, sexual harassment, sexual abuse of children).  The goal is to train and inspire these leaders to use their profile, power and status to change the definition of what it means to be a “real man” and drive behavioural and cultural change from the top down.

For more information or to register for the event please go to

August 23, 2016

Early Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

For helpful information on the various types, signs, symptoms and legal technicalities surrounding elder abuse and nursing home neglect, please see the link below for an article that was published and shared by The Eichholz Law Firm.

June 14, 2016

Neighbours, Friends and Families (NFF) Campaign


If you would like to host an information session, please contact:


Gillian’s Place

September 22, 2015

Niagara Women Abuse Screening Project- Asking Woman about Abuse, Addictions and Mental Health: A Guide for Professionals to Respond to Dis-closures

CEVAW is excited to announce the launch of the Niagara Women Abuse Screening Project Tool.

The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project is engaging regions throughout Ontario to collaborate across sectors to implement screening for woman abuse, sexual assault and trauma in mental health and addiction agencies. Workers in these sectors will be trained to provide woman abuse-informed/sexual assault-informed/ trauma-informed services. In the woman abuse and sexual assault sectors, staff will be cross-trained to provide mental health-informed and addictions-informed services to abused women dealing with mental health and/or addiction issues. By making ‘every door the right door’, regardless of the first door or sector women access, abused women who might otherwise not access woman abuse/sexual assault or mental health/addiction supports will be identified and referred to appropriate services that understand the interrelationship of woman abuse, sexual assault, trauma, mental health, addiction and child pro-tection.

The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project is a collaboration of over forty-five agencies and programs in the mental health, addiction, woman abuse, sexual assault, child protection and allied sectors, as well as women of experience in four regions (Chatham-Kent, Grey-Bruce, Sudbury-Manitoulin and London -Middlesex). The model was successfully tested in the London-Middlesex region and resulted in transformative systemic changes and supported the development of coordinated and integrated service delivery for abused women with concurrent mental health and addiction issues.

Niagara Region Screening Tool – printable booklet

Niagara Region Screening Tool

September 16, 2015

A Journey to Healing and Empowerment- Student Art Exhibit



The Coalition to End Violence Against Women presents the powerful and moving
“A Journey to Healing and Empowerment” Student Art Exhibit
March 6 to March 8, 2015
Rodman Hall Art Centre, 109 St. Paul Crescent, St. Catharines
Opening Ceremony March 6th at 4:00pm

“In almost every case of domestic homicide, we found that people around the victim knew what was going on – but didn’t know what to do about it.”
-Al O’Mara (former) Chief of Counsel Coroner’s Office of Ontario

February 19, 2015

Fifty Shades of Abuse


Women’s Group Asks Women to Take Web Survey

to Help Distinguish Between Bad Behaviour and Abuse

An Ontario women’s group is using the soon to be released sadomasochistic thriller, 50 Shades of Grey as a backdrop to help women across the country distinguish between bad behaviour and abuse in their own lives.

But questions about whether or not the on-screen relationship between the principal characters is a safe, sane and consensual or constitutes abuse won’t be among them.

Ruthann Brown, Executive Director of Women’s Place of South Niagara and Chair of the Infrastructure and Marketing Sub-Committee for The Coalition to End Violence Against Women (CEVAW) CEVAW is an organization dedicated to ending violence against women but Brown believes that debating behaviour in a popular, fictional Hollywood movie would be a mistake.

“My friends and colleagues all wanted my take when the movie was announced,“ said Brown “I told them there are more relevant conversations to have than questioning the lead actors’ mental health, psychiatric history and personality disorders and discussing the sexual and fantasy lifestyle choices made between consenting adults.”

Brown believes her group is likely to alienate and marginalize themselves among the women they are trying to reach by taking ‘aim at the obvious’ in the film adaptation of the fastest selling book of all time.  

 “We instead are focusing on the film as an important opportunity to discuss more serious “greys” that concern our group,” said Brown. “Particularly those areas between what is bad (and unhealthy) behaviour and that which constitutes abuse in relationships,” she added.

“Most of us know the absolutes in relationships (i.e. the black and whites); as in our right to be in a safe and healthy relationship, to choose to enter into and leave these as we wish, and that behaviours that runs counter to this, such as physical and sexual abuse, are indeed abuse,” she continued.

However, according to Brown, a second absolute element of abuse can be more problematic to identify, which is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse involves controlling a partner’s behaviour and misusing the bonds of intimacy, trust and/or dependency to make one vulnerable. This is abusive but not always as obvious as physical and sexual abuse to identify.

“The reason this is so hard to identify as abuse, is that it involves interpretation of motives and intent on the part of the abuser,” said Brown.” And there can be a fine line between what constitutes poor behaviour from time to time (and probably unhealthy) in a relationship and what is abuse,” she added.

“We’ve put together a series of questions in the form of an on-line survey to help women understand when they are potentially being abused and how to access help in the community. We provide information on some areas of abuse that we don’t always clearly identify as abuse such as; verbal, digital, social, emotional, psychological, and financial” she continued.

“Obviously in some of these areas there is a difference between a partner acting poorly and being outright abusive. These are the ‘greys’ and the whole point of the survey,” she added.

Brown encourages women to consider both one-time and recurring behaviours and explore context and severity.  She also encourages women to access the resources and tools available through The Coalition to End Violence Against Women’s website resources page to help develop strategies for dealing with poor behaviour in a relationship, whether or not it constitutes abuse.

The survey is available at


February 19, 2015

Neighbours Friends and Families (NFF) Campaign Update

NFF Poster 2014

To arrange for a presentation or for more information contact:                                                  


West Niagara Second Stage Housing & Counselling


November 12, 2014

The Violence Against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition is coming to St. Catharines in Spring 2013

365 International Poster Exhibition

The Coalition to End Violence Against Women (CEVAW) and Rodman Hall Art Centre announce that they have established a partnership to bring a significant International Poster Exhibition to St. Catharines from February 28th, 2013 to March 7th, 2013 (the eve of International Women’s Day).

The “Violence against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition” was created to highlight the global issue of violence against women. The concept behind the exhibition is simply: there are 365 days in the year but during every day of the year, every hour in the day, every minute of the hour and every second of the minute, somewhere in this world, women – irrespective of race, colour or religion – are being subjected to violence, abuse, neglect or rape. This also includes children.

The posters in the exhibition come from over 73 countries in the world, each representing one day of the year.  The power and visual impact of each poster brings home the message that all forms of violence against women and children are totally unacceptable, no matter where one lives in the world.

The Organizer and Coordinator of the Exhibition, Colm Dempsey is from Ireland and has attended and presented at international conferences and other forums on the issue of violence against women and children in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Guernsey, England, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Taiwan, Cyprus and the USA. He will be accompanying the exhibition and making a public presentation on violence prevention on March 7th, 2013.

The Rodman Hall Art Centre is providing the space for the exhibition. Rodman Hall Art Centre is a regional resource for contemporary art serving the Brock University community and the broader Niagara region.  It is a not-for-profit public gallery dedicated to enriching lives by connecting people to art and by providing accessible and meaningful opportunities for learning.

CEVAW is a collective voice of organizations from the Niagara Region that is working toward ending violence against women by raising public awareness, educating, sharing information, networking and identifying and breaking down systemic barriers that perpetuate violence.  In addition to the exhibition being open to the public, the Coalition will also be hosting tours for groups.

More details on the exhibition program will be made available in January.

For further information contact:
Sandy Toth
Telephone: 905 684-1223 ext. 23

To book a tour of the exhibit contact:
Donna Christie-Fobert
Telephone: 905 684-1223 ext. 1

December 6, 2012