Niagara Region Domestic Violence Report Card 2011/12

The Niagara Region Domestic Violence Report Card 2011/12, is the third Report Card that examines the response to Domestic Violence within the Niagara Region. Historically, these reports have raised awareness on the experiences of women who have experienced domestic violence and advocated for improvements to the services provided within the Niagara Region. The current report card builds and expands on the previous reports to highlight the struggles, challenges and strengths of the current system. “The System Matters” is best used to describe the overall tone and evocation of this current report. Relying on detailed interviews and focus groups with 23 women and 67 service providers, the 2011-12 Report Card examines how the personal stories of women who were abused demonstrate that power and control is not only present in their personal lives, but something that they encounter once they decide to leave their violent relationships. Additionally, interviews and focus groups with service providers from across the Niagara Region reveal how challenging and difficult working on the issue of domestic violence can be. Findings in this report include the pervasive presence of fear in the lives of victims, isolation and lack of service to rural communities, the importance of collaboration and expertise and the absence of appropriate service for men. The Niagara Region Domestic Violence Report Card is a unique and engaging examination of one community’s attempt to understand this issue and to move towards improving the response to violence against women.

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2011.12 DV Report Card The System Matters

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