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IF YOU’RE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER CALL 911 Domestic Violence Crisis Support 24/7

Gillian’s Place (North & West Niagara) – 905-684-8331 Women’s Place of South Niagara Nova House (Niagara Falls) – 905-356-5800 Serenity Place (Welland) – 905-788-0113

Femmes victimes de violence 1-877-336-2433 Fem’aide Sexual Assault Crisis Support 905-682-4584 CARSA


Victim Services Niagara (Niagara Victim Crisis Support Service Inc.)

905-682-2626 | http://victimservicesniagara.on.ca/

Provides 24/7 crisis assistance – either on-scene and/or telephone.

Referrals for on-scene crisis intervention are made by the Emergency Services ie police, fire, EMS (paramedics) and hospitals emergency depts.
Community services and justice partners will refer their clients to our Crisis Lines to access one of our five programs. As well, we accept self-referrals:

1. VCARS – Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral Services
Specially-trained volunteer Crisis Responders provide 24/7 on-scene crisis assistance to victims of crime and tragedy.
24/7 Crisis Line covered by staff or volunteer Team Leaders.

2. S/P – Safety Planning – personal safety plan is developed by client and staff/volunteer

3. VQRP – Victim Quick Response Program – emergency financial assistance that cannot be obtained through other sources to help cover costs for:

Emergency Expenses

  • Home Safety Expenses
  • Transportation
  • Child Care and Dependent Care for Elderly or Special Needs Dependents
  • Accommodations
  • Vision Care
  • Crime Scene Clean Up

Counselling Expenses

Funeral Expenses
** Application process for emergency financial assistance must meet specific agency criteria

4. S/L – SupportLink – a cell-phone pre-programmed to dial 911.
**Application process to meet specific agency criteria

5. MTERS – Mobile Tracking Emergency Response System – (former DVERS program) a personal alarm system
**application process to meet specific agency criteria