CEVAW is excited to announce the launch of the Niagara Women Abuse Screening Project Tool.

The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project is one of the most widely used projects in the world. Women in these sectors will be trained to provide women with abuse-informed / sexual assault-informed / trauma-informed services. In the midst of abuse and sexual assault, mental health-informed and addicted-informed services to mental health and / or addiction issues. By making ‘every door the right door’, regardless of the access to the door or the door of the door. of woman abuse, sexual assault, trauma, mental health, addiction and child protection.

The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project is a collaboration of mental health, addiction, woman abuse, sexual assault, child protection and allied sectors, Chatham-Kent, Gray-Bruce, Sudbury-Manitoulin and London-Middlesex). The model was successfully tested in the London-Middlesex region and resulted in transformative systemic changes and the development of coordinated and integrated service delivery for abused women with concurrent mental health and addiction issues.

Niagara Region Screening Tool – printable booklet
Niagara Region Screening Tool
September 16, 2015