365 International Poster Exhibition

The Coalition to End Violence Against Women (CEVAW) and Rodman Hall Art Center announce that they have established a partnership to bring a significant International Poster Exhibition to St. Catharines from February 28 th , 2013 to March 7 th , 2013 (the eve of International Women’s Day).

The “Violence Against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition” was created to highlight the global issue of violence against women. The concept behind the exhibition is simply there, every day in the year, every hour in the day, every minute in the day, somewhere in this world, women – irrespective of race, color or religion – violence, abuse, neglect or rape. This also includes children.

The posters in the exhibition come from over 73 countries in the world, each representing one day of the year. The power and visual impact of each message is totally unacceptable, no matter where one lives in the world.

The Organizer and Co-ordinator of the Exhibition, Colm Dempsey is from Ireland and has presented and presented at international conferences and other forums on the issue of violence against women and children in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Guernsey, England, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland , Taiwan, Cyprus and the USA. He will be accompanying the exhibition and making a public presentation on violence prevention on March 7 th , 2013.

The Rodman Hall Art Center is providing the space for the exhibition. Rodman Hall Art Center is a regional resource for contemporary art serving the Brock University community and the broader Niagara region. It is a not-for-profit public gallery dedicated to enriching lives by connecting people to art by providing accessible and meaningful opportunities for learning.

CEVAW is a collective voice of organizations in the Niagara Region that is working towards the end of violence against women by raising public awareness, educating, sharing information, networking and identifying and breaking down the systemic barriers that perpetuate violence. In addition to the exhibition being open to the public, the Coalition will also be hosting tours for groups.

More details on the exhibition program will be made available in January.

For further information contact:
Sandy Toth
Telephone: 905 684-1223 ext. 23
Email: sandyt@bellnet.ca

To book a tour of the exhibit
Donna Christie-Fobert
Telephone: 905 684-1223 ext. 1
Email: dfnt@bellnet.ca

December 6, 2012